Cayo Las Brujas Excursions and Tours

Catamaran Cruise Cayo Las Brujas

The tours & excursions from Cayo Las Brujas are the same as those offered from Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria. These include the excellent Catamaran Cruise which is either a half or full day plus a nighttime booze cruise is available.

Cuba Jeep Safari from cayo Las Brujas

Join the Jeep Safari its a truly fun-packed day out. It begins with a 40 minute bus ride to pick up the jeeps on the mainland in Caibarien, some 38km away, then driving through some villages, farms and thrilling Cuban scenery. The brilliant Cuban Jeep Safari excursion starts at 8:30 am till 6 pm. Prices are 75 cuc per adult and 53 cuc for children and it’s a great value.

Cuba Caibarien Tour from Cayo Las Brujas

Last but not least, here’s the Caibarien Authentic Cuba Experience which includes a visit to this colonial city with plenty of time to see the Malecon Boardwalk, Museums and Architecture in this wonderful Cuban city. Prices range from 20 to 75 CUC depending on the type of tour and whether you use an exclusive taxi or the guided bus tours of Caibarien. Much like the Remedios Tour mentioned on this site, it offers a true peak into real Cuban Culture and a totally authentic Cuban experience.

Pueblo Las Dunas from Cayo Las Brujas

Pueblo Las Dunas Cayo Santa Maria

The Pueblo Las Dunas Village and entertainment center was inaugurated in 2011 and is the second of its type on Cayo Santa Maria after the famous Pueblo La Estrella, which is just as close to Las Brujas Key. Easy to access from Hotel Villa Las Brujas, either by Rent A Car (if you rented one), Taxi or the hotels transport. Prices at the “Pueblos” in Cayo Santa Maria are duty free and bargains abound. This mall is a breath of fresh air after spending any time on Cayo Las Brujas, since there are no shops to speak of.  The numerous food court restaurants, cafes and bars in the village make an ideal place to go for a meal and a wander around, especially on evenings when its cooler. Being just 18 km away makes using this place for daily dinner an entirely feasible option if you have a car or scooter. Pueblo Las Dunas offers everything from artwork to batteries and everything in-between. If you’re looking for some authentic souvenir to take back home, the handicraft market stalls erected in the main village square are an ideal stopping point.

If you long for a night of fun and dancing away from the quietness and tranquility of Cayo Las Brujas the Marcaribe Discotheque is where you should go for a night out. There’s a perfect mix of local Cubans, other tourists and even people from other islands in Jardines del Rey, all mingling at the disco.

There are several other bars and all are quite good, offering different themes. The El Mosquete Bar is a pub style bar with a mezzanine area inside, great for people watching! Bar Bolera is a 6 lane bowling alley, with digital readouts and excellent bar area with internationally renowned spirits and international beers.

Bowling Alley Pueblo Las Duna Cayo Santa Maria

If you came here from Cayo Las Brujas for a meal you’ll find two impressive restaurants; the first being the Galeon del Puerto or often called the Barco del Pirata. It’s situated inside a full-scale replica of a Spanish Galleon Ship, in the middle of Pueblo Las Dunas. Galeon del Puerto Restaurant has all types of food, from a quick burger to a delicious steak dinner. Drinks, both alcoholic and soft, are also served all day and the décor, complete with ample bench seating carrying on the Galleon theme throughout the restaurant to match the waiters dressed like pirates. If you fancy seafood there’s the restaurant called the Isla de Tortuga or Tortoise Island, the battered prawns at this restaurant are simply amazing, as is the surf and turf special Lobster and steak meal.

Pueblo Las Dunas Restaurants Cayo Santa Maria

Need a battery for your camera or to print some photos for friends or some emergency photo equipment? Try the El Fortin Store and they will probably have it. They’ll also digitize photos for you and transfer images to a pen drive (they sell these), if you’ve run out of disk space. The El Ponton store, just next door to the above, is a general goods store offering everything from souvenirs to clothing, soft drinks and knickknacks you may need. They also have the all-important mosquito repellent, sunscreen towels and beachwear. Outside in the plaza there are a myriad of market stands selling genuine Cuban handmade items (NOT Chinese rubbish). Many of the store owners are the artisans who actually make the items on sale, a real pleasure to see the variety of items and colorful offerings.

Art Gallery

The Galleria Las Dunas opened its doors in 2012 showing works of art from the Villa Clara province’s upcoming and experienced artists, in all genres. The manager of the Galleria Las Dunas is Erik Lorenzo; he is very knowledge about all the artworks shown in his gallery. Proper documentation is provided with all artwork sold, including official export papers and certificates of authenticity.

Yhi Spa Aguas Claras

cayo santa maria pueblo las Dunas spa

As you don’t have a Spa on Cayo Las Brujas you can come to the Spa and wellness center at Pueblo Las Dunas and, it’s very good indeed. Of course, if you have a Spa on your resort you may wish to skip this paragraph, but for those who don’t, this is an excellent alternative and nice day away from your hotel for some pampering. Conveniently located at the entrance of Pueblo Las Dunas, right between the hotels Melia Cayo Santa Maria and Melia Las Dunas, the “Yhi” name is Melia’s own and the name it uses internationally for all its hotel spas. The Yhi Spa Aguas Claras offers an impressive selection of treatments that will soothe mind, body and soul, as well as a broad hydrothermal circuit and numerous relaxation areas. The Aguas Claras Yhi Spa building is also home to the Yhi Beauty Salon. The name “Yhi” is derived from the name of the goddess of light in Australian Aboriginal Karraur mythology.

Pueblo Las Dunas Gym

The gym offers both machines and free-weight training, numerous of the latest digital treadmills and bikes plus a conveniently located TV to watch something while you pound away. Entrance is 10 CUC for two hours and you get to use the showers at the Yhi Spa. The gym is used by Melia Resort staff also , so you can often strike up an interesting chat.

Pueblo Las Dunas Car, Scooter and Bicycle Rental

If you’ve booked a rent a car in advance, with CubaCAR Cayo Santa Maria, then you can collect it here. The office also rents bicycles and scooters by the hour or per day. This office is considered the main car rental office for Cayo Santa Maria and would also be where you would return a car if you´ve chosen a one-way rental in Cuba.

If you want to alternate on certain visits, there’s also the Pueblo La Estrella on Cayo Santa Maria. Larger and more diverse than the Pueblo Las Dunas, you’ll have the choice of no less than 8 different places to eat with every conceivable international meal available and some very good Cuban food also. Click Pueblo La Estrella for more details about this second mall village on Cayo Santa Maria

Visit the Dolphinarium at Cayo Ensenachos

Dolphinarium Swimming With Dolphins Cayo Ensenachos

The Dolphinarium is located in Cayo Ensenachos which is about 10 km away from Cayo Las Brujas. The drive is along the same causeway towards Cayo Santa Maria and the road is new and perfectly asphalted. The Ensenachos Dolphin Show is real fun for the entire family, having over 20 dolphins doing incredible acrobatics, along with a sea lion show which is spectacular. The Dolphin center is quite large, covering 900 m2 with a total of 260 seats from which you can easily see the shows, up close and personal. The Dolphinarium also has a small shop for souvenirs and refreshments plus a small café and bar facility. There’s a great restaurant that serves a delicious meal of chicken, lobster and shrimp which is not to be missed and only costs 12 CUC.

There are two different tours sold from the reception of the Hotel Villa Las Brujas, one is the daytime tour, then there is an interesting nighttime excursion that includes drinks and a type of disco at the end. If you can get out to the Dolphinarium alone, then the entrance fee is only 5CUC. This is a real bargain compared to some tours that are upwards of 25 CUC, some including a combined Catamaran Cruise Tour along with the Acuario Dolphin Tour.

Cayo Ensenachos Dolphin Show

The dolphin show is truly a treat; specifically one dolphin that appears to be best trained of the group and does multiple pirouettes before falling elegantly back into the water. Your children can go down to the enclosure and pets the dolphins and, there is a session at the end of the Dolphin show when adults can opt get in and swim with the dolphins for an extra 60 CUC.

Visit Remedios from Cayo Las Brujas

Church san juan bautista de Remedios

At just 40km (24 miles) from Cayo Las Brujas, Remedios is an ideal destination to get a feel for the “Authentic Cuba” and the Cuban people. All too often on these tiny islands, it’s hard to get a true understanding of Cuba but, by visiting either Caibarien or Remedios, you’ll certainly feel you’ve grasped a great deal of culture, even if it’s only for a day trip. Remedios goes by its longer version name of San Juan de los Remedios and is both a city and municipality, located just 3 miles (4.8 km) from the coast. Like Cayo Las Brujas, Remedios is part of the province of Villa Clara. Isabella II of Spain declared Remedios a City when Cuba was still a Spanish colony.

Parrandas Remedios Cuba

Remedios is world-famous for its Parrandas or carnivals, considered one of the Caribbean’s leading traditional festivities. The carnival is held each year around Christmas time with the streets starting to become “carnivalized” by mid December and the festivities continuing on into the New Year. It’s really something special, and worth your time if you’re in Cuba. To get to Remedios from Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Santa Maria or Cayo Ensenachos it will take less than an hour by car and the roads are beyond reproach, especially the pedraplen causeway, on which 90% of your journey will take place.

Remedios Cuba

Remedios is a historic city, the eighth oldest city in Cuba and despite its meager proportions of just 47,000 inhabitants, its a very dynamic city. Cuban historians estimate the foundation date of Remedios as being sometime between 1513 and 1524. It is thought to have been founded by a Spanish nobleman named Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa on 13th of April 1514, however exact documentation supporting this has been obscured by time. Some documents that do exist, place this settlement as having been only preceded by Baracoa (1511) and Bayamo in 1512, so yes, this is a very old city indeed, for the Caribbean and the Americas as a whole. Many unofficial sources claim Remedios was founded before Trinidad (1514). Remedios has actually had a few different names over the past 500 or so years. The first was Santa Cruz de la Sabana then Santa Cruz de Vasco Porcallo and the penultimate, Santa Cruz de la Sabana del Cayo and, finally in 1578, San Juan de los Remedios de la Sabana del Cayo.

Cuba Remedios City

The whole city of Remedios was declared National Historic Monument in 1980, mainly because of its long and historic history. The city center is particularly attractive with its 17th century Spanish colonial architecture and beautifully ornate buildings. The main things to see in Remedios are the; Plaza Isabel II is the “Iglesia Mayor” of San Juan Bautista, which displays 13 marvelously decorated gold altars. This Parish Church is composed of the main church, Parroquial Mayor de San Juan Bautista, and a chapel known as Ermita del Buenviaje. The two religious structures are exemplary examples of Spanish colonial architecture in the Caribbean and must be seen to be appreciated. The bell towers of both the church and the chapel define the landscape of this historic Cuban city. Due to its proximity to the coast, Remedios was under regular siege by pirates and corsairs, François l’Olonnais being the most renowned of the bandits. During these decades, the gold altars were hidden under white paint. Another impressive church can be found on the north side of the square called the Iglesia del Buen Viaje or Church of the Good Journey. Remedios hold the odd accolade as being the only city in Cuba with two churches on its main square. The delightful Central Plaza or “Plaza Mayor” was renovated in the 1970s and is encircled by amazing colonial buildings, picturesque monuments, large trees, Cuban palms and a gazebo similar to those found in many cities in Cuba.

Church Remedios Cuba

Overall, no matter where you go in Cuba, Remedios is nationally famous its Christmas festival and carnival “Las Parrandas de Remedios”, which officially takes place between the 16th to the 26th of December but celebrations begin before and go-on after these dates. Throughout the “parrandas”, there’s unparalleled rivalry between the neighborhoods of San Salvador, represented by the colors red and blue, and a rooster as a mascot, and El Carmen, represented by the color brown and a globe. The memory of the celebrations can be further investigated at the Museum of Parrandas, located in a 19th-century building since 1980. Here you’ll find photos, documents and hand-made objects; all linked to the carnivals festivities.

There is also an exciting side trip you can take which includes a ride on steam-locomotive train from Remedios which is a blast. The train then returns to the city within about an hour.

Remedios Steam Train Ride Cuba

You could spend hours wandering around Remedios looking at the architecture and historic sites. Above all, Remedios is a nice city to visit because its largely devoid of tourism and its residents are extremely friendly and sociable.

Hotel Villa Las Brujas Cayo Las Brujas Cuba

Cayo Las Brujas Hotel Villa Las Brujas

Hotel Villa Las Brujas is a perfect island hideaway located on the north coast of Cayo Las Brujas in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Jardines del Rey. The accommodations are nicely spaced individual villas, connected via natural gardens and suspended bridge wooden walkways. Each Cabaña is configured into a two level duplex design offering utmost privacy for guests. With just 24 rooms, this could be considered one of the most exclusive hotels in Cuba, having the whole island of 6.7 km² to itself. The property has been built on a natural coastal cliff overlooking the turquoise waters below. 19 of the 24 rooms guarantee unhindered views of the coastline and sea. Villa Las Brujas is probably the bargain of the century. If your desire is to relax on its virgin beaches and wander around this idyllic island, the Hotel Villa Las Brujas ticks every conceivable box.


As a 3 star property the accommodations are basic but functional, including tea and coffee maker, hairdryer and satellite international TV. However, the basic fixtures are easily forgiven when you consider that your room measures 35 m² (367 ft²). This tiny resort has a 24 hour reception desk and the room rate includes breakfast. There is also a good onsite restaurant if you want to stay close to base one evening. The hotel is also part of a small yacht marina which typically has one or two international seafarers spending time there and can be great for exchanging stories and socializing.

Hotel Villa Las Brujas Cayo Las Brujas

Nevertheless, if you enjoy exploring, there’s ample opportunity to visit the immediate area. Cayo Ensenachos is just 8km away and Cayo Santa Maria only 18km. Both are easily accessible either by shuttle bus or, you can rent scooters and bicycles at the hotel. On Cayo Santa Maria you’ll find the large shopping, entertainment and food courts of Pueblo La Estrella and Pueblo Las Dunas where you can do (and eat) almost anything. From, taking a Spa treatment to 10 pin bowling, these centers are simply amazing considering their remote location.

Cayo Las Brujas Beach Cuba

Overall the Hotel Villa Las Brujas remains quiet because it is not sold in most markets, major operators from Canada and Europe preferring to sell the 10 hotels of 4 and 5 star in Cayo Santa Maria or the ultra 5 star of Cayo Ensenachos. This is of course a blessing, because Hotel Villa Las Brujas is exquisite and you can still book it here.
When you click “Reserve at Villa Las Brujas Hotel” you will be comparing rates and availability from all three possible sources:

  • All major international suppliers of Hotel Villa Las Brujas on Cayo Las Brujas
  • The Cuban tourism ministry
  • Direct with Hotel Villa Las Brujas itself

Our booking process is unique because it shows the best rate from all of these for Villa Las Brujas hotel in Cayo Las Brujas and the types of rooms available. Our Villa Las Brujas Cayo Las Brujas rate comparison is an industry first for Cuban Hotels.

Once you’ve compared the rates, finalizing the booking at Villa Las Brujas Hotel takes just seconds and an immediate confirmation is provided in real-time.

No Prepayment – No booking fees – No Charges

Cayo Las Brujas hotel Reservations

Where is Cayo Las Brujas Located?

Cayo Las Brujas Cuba

The island of Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba has an area of 6.7 km²or 4.1 miles², one of the smaller islands in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago. Cayo Las Brujas is under the provincial jurisdiction of  Villa Clara. The Jardines del Rey Islands are part of a series of numerous keys on the north coast of Cuba.

Cayo Las Brujas is 38km (23 miles) from Cuba’s north coast city of Caibarien and getting to the island is via a causeway called the pedraplen. Cayo Las Brujas is the first island you get to after crossing the causeway, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenachos being about 10 km further along the same road. The journey from the beginning of the Causeway to Cayo Las Brujas takes about 40 minutes by car. With the Atlantic Ocean on its north side and the Bahia de Villa Clara to the south, the entire archipelago within which Cayo Las Brujas is situated incorporates +2,500 keys and islets covering no less than four Cuban provinces of Villa Clara, Matanzas, Ciego de Avila and Camaguey.

Jardines Del Rey’s  first tourist development on the Islands began in the 1990s, on Cayo Guillermo, with the inauguration in 1992 of the Club Villa Cojimar Hotel (now the Hotel Allegro), next came Cayo Coco a year later with the Hotel Guitart Cayo Coco (now the Hotel Colonial).

Cayo Las Brujas Map

As there were no commercial airports on the islands in the 1990s, Cuba’s tourism ministry decided to use the Maximo Gomez airport located in the provincial capital of Ciego de Avila and later built the Las Brujas Airport (BWW) which now serves Cayo Las Brujas. The construction of the pedraplen causeway from the mainland began in 1988 and was concluded 10 years later in 1998, its 48kms (29 miles) length connecting first Cayo Las Brujas, then Cayo Ensenachos and finally Cayo Santa Maria. The advent of this new route across the sea brought the unparalleled explosion of tourism on the island known as the King’s Gardens.

Cayo Las Brujas is 389 Km (241 miles) from Havana. Varadero is 298 km (185 miles) from Cayo Las Brujas, whereas the closest cities to Cayo Las Brujas are Caibarien (population of 38,200) at 60km (37 miles) and Remedios (population of 46,500) at 68 km (42 miles). The largest city definitely Santa Clara (population of 220,000) 98 km (60 Miles) away.

The United States of America is not far from Cayo Las Brujas, with Key West Florida at just 226 miles (364 kilometers) by flight from Cayo Las Brujas in Jardines del Rey Cuba.

Though there are no direct flights, to get an idea of just how close Cayo Las Brujas in Cuba is to The Bahamas, the Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) on Nassau is just 318 km (198 miles) from the Las Brujas Airport (BWW) in Cuba.

Major airports near Cayo Las Brujas Cuba

Cayo Las Brujas Airport

The closest airport is the Las Brujas Airport (IATA: BWW,) its an airport actually on the island, serving Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenachos, which has domestic flights from/to Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba and is 0 km km from Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba

The next airport is the Santa Clara – Abel Santamaría Airport (IATA: SNU / MUSC) which has international and domestic flights from Santa Clara, Cuba and is 110 km (68 miles) km from Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba.

The next closest airport is Sancti Spiritus Airport (IATA: USS) has international and domestic flights from Sancti Spiritus, Cuba and is 149 km (93 miles) from Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba.

Cayo Las Brujas Tourism Need Flight to Cuba? Need a rent a car at any of these Cuban Aiports?

Cayo Las Brujas by Viazul Bus | Prices, Offices, Phones, Timetables

Viazul Bus Cayo Las Brujas

If you’re on a limited budget the Viazul Cuba Bus Service is the perfect option to visit Cayo Las Brujas. For those of you who don’t wish to Rent a Car to visit Cayo Las Brujas the Viazul bus service will take you across Cuba and to Santa Clara in comfort. To go from Santa Clara to Remedios, near Cayo LAs Brujas, the taxi cost is 35-40 CUC per car. If you are taking a Casa Particular in Remedios near Cayo Las Brujas then the house owner will be able to organize your trip to Cayo Las Brujas for less than 25 CUC. Las Brujas is the first island you come to after traversing the pedraplen causeway, so the taxi distance is very short indeed, around 38km.

Buses are new air-conditioned models with onboard WC, central TV and lower suitcase compartment. Unless you intend to take the bus the moment you arrive, in most cases there is no need to book in advance as extra buses are added to routes when a particular route becomes overbooked. Simply visit the offices listed below, buy your ticket and travel either that day or any day in the future. The Viazul ticketing service is quick and efficient so usually you can collect a ticket in minutes. Departure times are clearly shown outside each booth.

There is another bus service called Astro bus which visits Santa Clara but, even though its cheaper, because it’s charged in Cuban pesos (approx 24 pesos to 1$), the buses are less comfortable and are used by Cubans so they tend to be full on most journeys. It’s worth noting that if the Viazul bus service does not take you to your exact location, as mentioned above, there are a plethora of Cuban peso and normal CUC taxis waiting at the bus stations to take you to your final destination in Cayo Las Brujas.

Viazul Santa Clara – Carretera Central km 383 Esquina Oquendo – Viazul Phone +53 (042) 222522, 222114

Viazul Bus Service Cuba

Main Viazul routes

  • Varadero – Trinidad
  • Baracoa – Habana
  • Habana – Baracoa
  • Trinidad – Varadero
  • Varadero – Trinidad
  • Viñales – Trinidad
  • Santiago de Cuba – Varadero
  • Santiago de Cuba – Trinidad
  • Santiago de Cuba – Habana
  • Varadero – Santiago de Cuba
  • Trinidad – Santiago de Cuba

Stopover cities at which Viazul passengers can disembark or embark Varadero, Cárdenas, Santa Clara, Placetas, Cabaiguan, Sancti Spíritus, Ciego de Avila, Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguín, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Colón

Cayo Las Brujas Casa Particular | Cayo Las Brujas Private Home Stay

Casa Particular in Cayo Las Brujas

A Casa Particular in Cayo Las Brujas or home stay in Cayo Las Brujas or just outside Cayo Las Brujas is currently not an option because the Jardines de Rey Islands have no residents to speak of, they are simply tourist destinations created in the 80s and 90s. The closest place to stay at a Casa Particular would be either Remedios (51 km – 32 miles from Cayo Las Brujas) or Santa Clara (110 km – 68 miles from Cayo Las Brujas). The road to Cayo Las Brujas is excellent and you can get to Cayo Las Brujas en 40 minutes (Remedios) or 90 minutes (Santa Clara) respectively.

Once at Cayo Las Brujas you can also visit any of the beaches in Cayo Santa Maria or Cayo Ensenachos, both hotel or public and there are numerous stores and places to buy things.

However, all is not lost, because we offer Casa Particulares in both of these cities and many others in Cuba. There are also some budget hotels in Remedios and Santa Clara listed on the same page, these start at just $16-22 per night which are invariably as cheap as a Casa Particular, its your choice! Why pay more?

Casas in Remedios Cuba

Cayo Las Brujas Casa Particular SearchMore Casas or Cheap hotels in Remedios

Casas in Santa Clara Cuba

Cayo Las Brujas Casa Particular SearchMore Casas or Cheap hotels in Santa Clara

Flights to Cayo Las Brujas Cuba | Havana Cayo Las Brujas Flights

Flights Cayo Las Brujas Cuba

Are you looking for cheap flights to Cuba? Immediate confirmation of your flights to Cayo Las Brujas Cuba is just 2 clicks away. We also offer a price comparison of all available airlines to Cuba and Cayo Las Brujas to allow you to get the best flight deals to Cuba right now. Our Cuba flight checker is free and can help you plan your vacation budget. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F

Once you have booked your flights to Cayo Las Brujas Cuba, you can conveniently book your hotel, car rental or any other service on this one website, we are also available on our chat system should you need any personal help with your travel to Cuba or to coordinate your whole trip to Cayo Las Brujas. We also offer VIP arrival services, airport transfers and much more, just ask us on our chat system and well coordinate your whole trip for you!